Turkey starts its operation in Syrian city Afrin and surrounding areas.

Turkey launched its “Operation olive branch” in the Syrian city of Afrin and its surrounding areas.
Free Syrian Army‬, ‪Hatay Province‬, ‪Kırıkhan‬, ‪Hassa, Hatay‬, ‪Turkish Armed Forces
source: youtube
The operation has started and the fighting has begun.

Before the ground troops moved in the Turkish artillery and planes attacked more than 150 terrorist positions in Afrin.The ground troops are fighting along with the FSA groups in the region.
On Saturday the president announced that the operation has been launched.
The official site stated the operation to be named as “Zeytin Dali Harikati”.
The press release of Turkish armed forces said that the operation aims to establish security and stability on our borders and region to eliminate terrorists of PKK, KCK, PYD, YPG, and daesh.
72 warplanes hit 108 targets in 7 areas in Afrin.
All warplanes returned safely to their bases in Turkey.

In Retaliation YPG Syrian branch of PKK fired 4 rockets into turkey till now.

The Turkish government launched the operation As it says the groups have driven out people from their land and have harassed them.

As of the ground situation, The YPG groups are well dug in so a heavy fight can be expected.

However, turkey says it has no intention to remain in Syria.

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