Pixelation and blurring techniques for anonymity no longer works

blurringSafeguarding information is day by day becoming a daunting task and with every technological advancement, there is always an issue accompanying it that needs a remedial measure.

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It’s a common practice to blur or pixelate sensitive information like account numbers

Or images, or protecting identities on TV for the past few decades. But our info might not be as secure as we think.

It takes some work, but there are ways to uncover that sensitive text.

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin and Cornell Tech trained a piece of software to see beyond content-making techniques and uncover what was meant to be hidden. According to the researchers, extensive methods for training this artificial intelligence were not even necessary Like Simple deconvolution can easily reverse the blurring of an image.

If you are further interested in checking out the step by step example of these reversal methods consider visiting Evil Week series at Lifehacker

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