why do people have different sleeping patterns ?

Some People Are Night Owls And Others Are Up At The Crack Of Dawn why is it so ?Image result for sleeping

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As every responsible person is always trying to improve his productivity by ultimately trying to optimize his usage of time he definitely thinks about his ability to manage the time he spends sleeping and the time he uses  to work.

every now and then a person struggles with his sleeping habits and always wonders why is it so we may just have a bit of help for you .

The fact can be explained the basis of the sentinel theory and the research done on a Tanzanian tribe that was kept under observation .

the sentinel theory states that mammals sleep only when they have a deep sense of security by feeling that someone is on guard .

But it should be clear that even though the theory seems to applicable on a lot of species but its not clear that its applicable completely on humans or not.

But after it was applied on the Tanzanian tribe it seems that most of the time the tribe always had a man on guard and that the adults had enough sleep and showed a lot of variation hence, it was concluded that the sentinal theory is applicable on humans as the Tanzanian tribe that was taken into the study in a lot context resembles our ancestors the fact that we have so much variations and flexible sleep patterns is all because of the technological interference and other factors hence, this much of variation is exhibited by modern day humans and most importantly its why all people are not morning people.

here are a few comments of the people that conducted the study.

“It may be that such variation was adaptive in our ancestral past, and we have an occurrence of ‘evolutionary mismatch’ ― where our ancient hardware conflicts with our modern social and technological context,” said study co-author David Samson, an assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto, Mississauga.

In other words, the data suggest that one of the ways evolution has programmed us to sleep ― to help protect the tribe ― may not be the best way of sleeping to optimize our individual health.

“This research drives home the point that human sleep is both flexible and variable,”

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